Sword Art Online: Reality’s Dreams Ultima v3.5 – Game Release

Sword Art Online: Reality’s Dreams Ultima v3.5 – Game Release

Created by: Kuroneko Games (c) Janrae Mendoza / SoulPour777

Description: Sword Art Online: Reality’s Dreams Ultima v3.5 is the new installment of the popular fan game of Sword Art Online Anime and Light Novel. The game now features different things that is not supported by the older versions.

First-Look Video:

Game Download


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40 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Reality’s Dreams Ultima v3.5 – Game Release

  1. Terrific game, I love it. Only thing is that I find the boss room for Floor 1 is too hard, still can’t do it at lvl 15. No potions…x_x


  2. where is the graphics folder?
    when i tried to talk to an npc with name the close stating something like this-
    Unable to find file:


    • Hi there Zerocrows. Sadly, this error will not be fixed (although it has a solution), it is because the starting versions until 3.5 has been abandoned. The project will continue next month, which is already the official version. I am sorry that you were not able to enjoy the game this much.


  3. why can’t i use the sub-attack (letter g) for kirito? the game crashes as soon as i push the “g” button.. and how am i going to revive the kid with a feathery dragon( i forgot the name ) when it die.. i tried using the in while controlling the dragon and somehow she came to life but only in the area where she died.. please help.. i really like this game and i really want to finish it badly..


    • Hello J_Zee! The game has been abandoned due to the different errors. Please wait for the new version, where I would correct the errors. Sad to say that 3.5 is not a successful release.


  4. look what happens is that as soon I started the game, this I present a erros who said they lacked “graphics / faces”


  5. I found another bug on “The Heifer Strikes Back”. After you claim the reward, you can claim it again and again. I claim it’till I got 50000 cor. -_-


  6. I found a bug, If you finish one of the quests, I’ve only done one but I kept talking to the person who gave me the quest and I kept receiving the reward…


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