SAO: Reality’s Dreams IV – After Ends and a Possible MMORPG / Online Version this 2013



Sword Art Online: Reality’s Dreams will be back with its Fourth Version called Sword Art Online: RD IV – After Ends. The storyline continues when the Black Cats of the Full Moon died. The floor starts and reverts to Floor 1. SAO:RD4 also promises good points from the game such as: Forging System, Guild Wars, Guild Missions, More Quests and Character Graphics together with a traditional battle system improved, will be what the players would expect on this version. So, for all my friends, fans, and players who suggested some things for the game, I have now implemented them on this version. Passive Skills are also available. More animations, more enemies, more balanced challenges on the game.

Clipboard01(This is a screenshot of what SAO:RD IV – After Ends looks like.)

Sword Art Online: Reality’s Dreams MMORPG?

I brought this topic because I will be officially announcing that along with SAO:RD4, I am working on an online version of the game, this means you can play with the beta testers and some of my famous players offline, along with my friends and fans. Yes, anyone can play…yes, anyone can invite their friends to battle to the top!


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