Kagerou Days: Mekaku City Records Rhythm Game


Kagerou Days: Mekaku City Records Rhythm Game

This game is created by SoulPour777 / Janrae Mendoza under 7th Spiral. [Copyright: © 7th Spiral Games]

Disclaimer: This game is a indie / fan made game for Kagerou Days. There is no copyright infringement intended for any contents owned by Kagerou project /days developer. Copyright only belongs to SoulPour777 for the game itself. Any contents such as Mekaku City Records is credited to its owners.

Getting the Splash Error? Download the splashes here: Mediafire

Fixed Errors Download:

Download the Main Game Here: Mediafire

Download RTP Here: Famitsu / Sendspace / Mediafire

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About SoulPour777

RGSS Coder / Game Developer / Mystery Novelist
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28 Responses to Kagerou Days: Mekaku City Records Rhythm Game

  1. KisaragiShin says:

    What do you use to read the .zip files?


  2. setsucchi says:

    umm…. how do you make it work? because it won’t work on me.


  3. I have an RPGVXAce_RTP.zip long time ago, and extracted it on the file where the game named ” Kagerou DAys mekaku city records rythm game ” and I try to run the game then the game starts then it just a black background then,i think the game needs someting …


  4. please help me w/ my problem.


  5. what’s ” can’t find VL Gothic Font ” message anyway?


  6. Iqbal Zuhri says:

    This game need RPGVX ?.


  7. Aldo Dj says:

    How to install it ?


  8. Rumi_Amano says:

    Um I need the RTP but the links don’t have the downloads ;.; Also, question, did you get the pictures online? Or did you draw them? Either way, good pictures :) XD


  9. Yukinari Tsubomi says:

    It won’t allow me to download the RTP..


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